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Including personal reply function.
Generate high-quality contacts automatically!

Including automated evaluations and a personal reply function.
Generate high-quality contacts automatically!

With personal reply function.
For high-quality contacts = automated!

Personal Results + Automatic Email Response:
Automated to high-quality contacts!

Finally, forms & funnels with added value for prospects.

The future of digital marketing lies in personalization!

Unique: Automated evaluations and a personal reply function!

With FRONTLEAD, you can automatically send (personal) evaluations to your prospects by email

OR display their personalized result on the thank-you page.

This increases conversion rates and builds trust immediately.

Unique: Automated evaluations and personal reply function!

With FRONTLEAD, you can create and send automated (personal) evaluations by email

OR display your prospects their personalized results on the thank you page.

This is how you increase conversion rates and build trust instantly.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches, consultants and service providers

Max. 8 steps to your project

Now utilize ChatGPT in combination with FRONTLEAD.

This way, you will automatically get the relevant questions, answer options and personal responses
for your project.

Now utilize ChatGPT in combination with FRONTLEAD.

This way, you will automatically get the relevant questions, answer options and personal responses for your project.

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FRONTLEAD allows you to create forms, surveys and funnels quickly and easily. Automated (personal) responses and analyses can be created in the process. The system also offers the possibility of automatically addressing users personally. This gives the impression that there is contact with a real person.

Overall, the system also offers the advantage of saving time and money, automatically creating analyses and personally addressing users.

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FRONTLEAD enables the creation of automated personalized responses and analyses based on each participant’s answer. As a result, you can address your customers individually and automatically by e-mail. This saves time and money and gives customers the impression of personal support.

P.S.: We have added a time delay to the response function in this automated process so it seems more realistic that it is a personal answer by a real person. Otherwise, our system would react too quickly for it to appear real.

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Yes, of course! Take advantage of the fact that users remain on your website.

The service applies to all your websites, in unlimited numbers.

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Yes, of course!

FRONTLEAD is also available as a link option.

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That mainly depends on the scope and implementation. Simple surveys or first funnels can be created in just a few minutes. You can then continuously develop and adapt these.

An average tool can usually be implemented after about 30 minutes.

Remember: In this short time you usually don’t have an agency commissioned to carry out a survey! Not to mention the follow-up costs…

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Of course you can insert your own images!

But that’s not all. Icons and videos can also be integrated into the FRONTLEAD tools.

Here is a valuable tip!

You can find over 7 million free images, icons and videos on these websites, for example:

Please always ensure that you only use images/videos/icons that you have the rights to use.

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Yes, of course! By installing it on your own website, you can run the tracking directly via your own domain.

This approach generally facilitates individualized adjustments.

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Yes, FRONTLEAD has an integrated score function! It can show how many points the users have scored.

The personalized final results can be displayed on the thank you page at the end or sent automatically by e-mail.

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You can activate the payment function if you create high-quality automated analyses in which you make your knowledge available as a service.

In this way, FRONTLEAD can also be used as a serious monetization tool.

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When creating the project, select the payment function. Then enter the net price for your offer (e.g.,creating an analysis).

The customers/users click on a button in the active project. The payment page then opens.

After the data is entered, the system sends an e-mail with a link. This contains the license key for the one-time execution and initiates the final payment process.

At the end of the process, the user/customer will receive payment confirmation by e-mail.

It is also possible to integrate (free ) license keys which can be used to access your own online products (e.g., e-books).

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Yes! When you register, you will receive 18 templates that you can access.

These can be adopted as they are or you can easily adapt them to your needs.

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Yes, you will see a live preview as you create! So you always have the perfect overview.

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Yes, you can currently use FRONTLEAD free of charge with our lifetime free plan.

However, use of the tool is limited to 20 contacts per month.

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Of course you can cancel FRONTLEAD at any time. After termination, the contract expires automatically at the agreed end of the term.

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Yes! FRONTLEAD enables individual adaptation to your brand identity.

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Of course! If you need help creating a tool, we’re here to help you throughout the process.

But you’ll see that the system is very easy to use.

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Yes, no external mailing service is required. It will be sent using the e-mail address you specified.

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Yes, you can link your project to the most common e-mail marketing tools.

For example, an e-mail funnel can start automatically after you have contacted the users by e-mail .

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Of course! Our system was successfully checked for legal security by an IT law firm.

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Yes, data security is our top priority! FRONTLEAD therefore uses very secure, globally distributed servers.

However, you can export the collected data sets yourself at any time and delete them from the servers. Then the data is only in your hands.

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