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FRONTLEAD – suitable for every area of use:

You can adopt them as they are or adapt them to your offer easily.

Tip: Take a look at the other templates and get additional inspiration for your area of application.

For Online-Marketers & Agencies

Are you already using the latest option for generating high-quality leads for you and your customers?

The most individual marketing software for online marketers and agencies!

As an online marketer you will generate easy and automatic leads for you and your customers. Individual support for your potential customers made possible through quizzes and personalized e-mail replies. In this way you earn trust and boost the customer’s interest in purchasing.

For Consultants, Coaches & Trainers

Attract new customers with your individual online marketing software:

Consultants, coaches & trainers can generate new customers automatically!

Customers of consultants, coaches and trainers look specifically for certainty and confidence before supporting their own personal progress. If you use the automatic and individualized FRONTLEAD replies, your customer will have more confidence and be more likely to purchase.

For Real Estate and Insurance Agents

Less time needed thanks to automatic compilation of suitable offers based on the customers’ needs and requirements:

Find and offer suitable insurances & real estate automatically!

Whilst conventional insurance and real estate brokers check every request manually, you can use FRONTLEAD for handling all requests automatically. Based on the requests, FRONTLEAD will send the customer personalized offers and replies.

For Network Marketing

Save some precious time and build your company ahead of schedule:

This is how you can find the right person automatically in less time!

In terms of network marketing, it’s very important to include competent and productive people in your personal network. Together you can achieve more. Using FRONTLEAD you can pre-qualify the right person and then chat together while saving time trying to get the right decision.

For Imaginative Entrepreneurs

Save time and money by using FRONTLEAD to allure new customers:

Freelancers & entrepreneurs will generate their new clients automatically!

Very easy to install and set up, FRONTLEAD will look after your new clients automatically. While you’re working on a project FRONTLEAD can write your offers. And just like that: Two new requests and one new project.

For Exceptional Speakers & Artists

Give your audience added value on your topics, even after your presentation. As a bonus, you can expand your mailing list automatically with high-quality leads:

Exceptional speakers & artists can even spread their message afterwards!

As a speaker or artist, are you offering advanced products and/or services? As soon as your audience clicks your FRONTLEAD-form you can offer them whatever you wish: This might be your book, recordings of your show or tickets for the next one.

For Online Shops: Discover & Advise...

Automatic discovery and advice will lead you to more sales:

The smart online shop discovers the perfect products for your clients and gives them advice – automatically!

Tomorrow’s online shop will help your clients proactively: After filling in the search parameters, the software will show your client suitable and individualized products. Individual service, just like in store. Made possible only by FRONTLEAD!

For Automatic Support

How you can automate your support and maximize your customers’ satisfaction!

Installation of automated & personal support:

You will never have to reply to every customer’s request manually again but they STILL get the individual support they want. FRONTLEAD responds automatically to your customers questions. This saves you time and money and you don’t need an extra support assistant.

For Paid Analyses

Are you an expert and do you want to make money from your knowledge? No problem!

Generate and sell high-quality analyses:

Personality tests or personal analyses in different topics are much in demand. By using the internet offers, many people want to find out more about themselves or solve a problem. Show what you can offer them and give personalized replies or solutions in the form of a paid analysis. In this way,you can add value AND make money out of your knowledge – just one tool needed.

For Health & Beauty

Suitable products & services based on customer needs for a nice, healthy first impression:

Health & Beauty: The first impression is what counts!

It’s important when entering the health and beauty industry that the customer gets a high-quality first impression of your brand and company. Using FRONTLEAD will help you to establish your brand by generating new requests and offering the most suitable products and services in a high-quality design. All completely automatically, so that you can save time to focus on your main tasks.

For Finance

Suitable offers & services based on customer needs, finalized automatically:

Automatic generation of requests and sending of offers as a financial service provider!

You’ll never have to prepare financial services yourself again. FRONTLEAD will automatically generate new clients and send them suitable financial or services based on your clients’ requests. After this automatic preparation you can contact your clients directly. This saves you time and effort.

For Tripwire & Free-Plus-Shipping Funnels

Receive more leads by using FRONTLEAD at the start of your funnel to attract your customer with a tripwire or free-plus-shipping product:

Create tripwire-products and free-plus-shipping offers quickly and easily…

Free-plus-shipping products are very attractive and will result in more leads. Customers will give you their data and permission to contact them by choice for a free product.

For Sweepstakes With Personal Replies

Generate high-quality leads by using sweepstakes with value or free products:

Create smart online sweepstakes!

Use the sweepstake tool as incentive to put a smile on your customer’s face. Allow them to participate in your sweepstakes so that in return you can collect more data automatically. In this way you can send personalized value or make suitable, free offers. A sweepstake attracts new clients in the blink of an eye.

For Smart Job Applications & Recruitment

Find out if a person is suitable for your product, a special service, a job or for network marketing by asking well-directed questions:

Find the most suitable person automatically in less time!

Find qualified candidates for your job vacancies or offers. Instead of wasting time with job interviews you’ll receive your candidates answers to the question that are important to you in advance. Reply to them automatically and invite only qualified candidates for an interview.

For Online Tests & Examinations

Create high quality tests & examinations very quickly and easily – with an automatically generated report:

Create online tests & exams with a personal report!

Every question has an individual answer. The user receives the correct answers by mail immediately to check whether the answers he or she submitted were correct. You can even send hints or tips. Whether you’re a teacher, lecturer or a coach: Create tests and examinations to present your candidates a valid solution. This saves you a lot of time and you can dedicate yourself to your participants.